Shipping Corporation of New Zealand (SCNZ)

Mick Payze was initially appointed as Research and Development Manager of SCNZ in 1974 to manage and direct all new Shipping Service Projects and gradually took additional responsibility until close to the demise of the Corporation in 1988 when he was Deputy to the Managing Director during the wind up phase. He was deeply involved in all aspects of the management and development of SCNZ throughout its existence.

In 1986 the New Zealand Year Book 1986-87 stated of SCNZ:

The corporation was set up pursuant to the Shipping Corporation of New Zealand Act 1973 and commenced trading in 1974 as a wholly Government-owned national shipping line. SCNZ’s objectives are set out in the 1974 Memorandum of Association and include:

  • Establishing, maintaining, and operating shipping services both on the New Zealand coast and in foreign trades;
  • Promoting, encouraging, and improving New Zealand’s import/export trades; and
  • Participating in negotiations and conferences within the shipping industry, particularly in connection with freight rates.  

With effect from 1 September 1985 the corporation adopted the trading name New Zealand Line to emphasise its increased presence in the international maritime industry.

United Kingdom/Europe: New Zealand Line is a member of the liner conference serving the New Zealand/U.K.-Europe trade. The New Zealand Line is also a member of the Australia/New Zealand/Europe Container Services (ANZECS) and its flagship, New Zealand Pacific, is chartered to the ANZECS consortium. In return, the New Zealand Line has a 15 percent slot share in all ANZECS vessels.

Caribbean/United States Gulf Service. The New Zealand Line is a member of a joint service serving the trade between New Zealand and the Caribbean area in its Caribbean/East Coast/North America service.

North America. The New Zealand Line operates an intermodal service, the Australia New Zealand Container Line (ANZCL), between Australia, New Zealand and North America. From the West Coast North American ports, the cargos are carried by road and rail to destinations throughout Canada and the United States. Three vessels are employed in the service, New Zealand Line’s container ship New Zealand Caribbean, and 2 time-chartered United Kingdom flagships, of which the 1500 TEU Discovery Bay represents a significant increase in service capacity, replacing the 766 TEU Dunedin late in 1985.

East Asia. The New Zealand Line is a member of the Australian and New Zealand/Eastern Shipping Conference, the New Zealand arm of which provides a direct container service between New Zealand and Japan. The New Zealand Line serves its 12 percent trade share by chartering container space aboard the 2 container ships Godwit (Japanese flag) and Aotea (U.K. flag) and the supplementary tonnage chartered to cover seasonal peaks.

South Pacific. The New Zealand Line manages and operates the Cook Islands/Niue/New Zealand Joint Shipping Service on behalf of the governments of the 3 countries. Two New Zealand Line vessels, Tiare Moana and Fetu Moana, serve the trade under charter to the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The New Zealand Line also provides and administers the port agency operations in New Zealand in support of the Pacific Forum Line, (PFL). Solomon Islands-Papua New Guinea service and time-charters the Forum New Zealand to the PFL with financial help from the New Zealand Government.

Coastal trade. The New Zealand Line’s roll-on/roll-off vessel, Coastal Trader, operates a weekly service between Auckland/Lyttelton and Dunedin.

Other activities. The New Zealand Line manages the LPG carrier Tarihiko and the seagoing crews for the MV Pacific Ataawhai and MV Northern Tide, and offshore and supply vessels employed in the Maui offshore gas field.

The New Zealand Line’s Container Services Division offers a terminal agency service to operators at each of the 4 container terminals. The container terminal at Wellington is operated by Container Terminals Limited, a 51 percent owned subsidiary of the New Zealand Line.

The New Zealand Line is involved in various forms of broking activity in the international charter market, including ship broking and cargo broking, and acts as the New Zealand agent for a number of overseas shipping lines.

Note: Strangely no reference was made to the highly successful Tranztas Service set up in Joint venture with ANL which trade name still remains today. SCNZ manned and operated New Zealand Trader and New Zealand Mariner in this service.