NZL Group Ltd


CEO of a diverse Transport and Port Services group.

Initially owned by a Joint Venture between the Freightways Group and New Zealand Dairy Coop, the Group was acquired in 1993 by P&O Ports.

Operations included a stevedoring business that handled Bulk commodities, Fruit, Containers and Forest Products.

The heavy haul division handled a number of major Heavy Haul projects in NZ including loads up to 300 tonnes on the highway and the transfer of the Maui B platform accommodation block at the Port of Taranaki, (approx 450 tonnes).

The company operated:

  • Stevedoring in two ports;
  • 160 Trucks;
  • Hired or leased out 120 fork lift trucks and similar machines;
  • Heavy Haul Division;
  • Operated 3 Container Depots;
  • Operated a multipurpose mechanical service centre for all port operators; and
  • Employed up approx 500 permanent and 500 casual employees.

During tenure as CEO of NZL Group accounting systems were introduced, debtors halved, turn-over increased sixfold and the company was on sold by its shareholders after 5 years for nearly a threefold increase in value.

Its biggest success was the formation of Dairy Transport Logistics in 1998 with Cochrane’s Transport, a business that over a decade later employs over 1,000 people handling the dry dairy export product logistics for the dairy giant Fonterra. See

The company fronted a P&O Ports bid for a large off-shore Coal Terminal in the South Island of New Zealand and also investigated the export and subsequently the import of coal into the North Island.