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Shipping and Freight Enterprises P/L, (SAFE)

Company Activities

Since its incorporation in Australia in 2006, SAFE has worked independently, or with other associates, to provide detailed industry knowledge, experience and IP assistance to advise and shape input into many different port cargo handling and marine based projects providing a variety of services in many countries around the world including:

  • Africa  – Angola, Ghana, Kenya
  • Asia – South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Australasia – Australia and New Zealand
  • Europe – Germany, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine
  • Middle East/India – India, UAE
  • North America – Canada, USA
  • Pacific Region – PNG, Timor-Lesté, Vanuatu
  • South America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile

During this time SAFE also works closely with key industry related organisations such as:

  • International Cargo Handling Coordination Association, (ICHCA); and
  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport;

SAFE has worked with:

  • Terminal Investment Companies;
  • International Aid Agencies;
  • Port and Marine Engineering Companies;
  • Port and Shipping Consultancies;
  • Logistics Consultancies;
  • Shipping Lines;
  • Mining Companies;
  • Personnel Placement Agencies;

Services provided have included:

  • Port Scoping Studies;
  • Preparation of Container Terminal Concession EOIs, Business Plans and Tenders;
  • Container Terminal Development:
    • Project Implementation;
    • Management Contract Negotiations;
    • Selection of Contractors for port engineering studies;
    • Design of Terminal Operational Layout;
    • Choice of Handling Equipment;
    • Placement of Personnel in port terminal roles;
  • Due Diligence on various potential container terminal and stevedoring investments;
  • Preparation of Tender Bids for Performance Improvement in various container operations;
  • Stevedoring Proposal preparation for bulk products;
  • Coal and Bulk Handling Investment or Improvement Studies;
  • Strategic Adviser on Port Operations for developing countries,
  • Shipping and Barge Transport Studies;
  • Contributory advice on Offshore Bulk Cargo Transfer Operations;
  • Preparation of various advisory papers, commentaries and budget estimates;
  • Various desk studies in respect to prospective shipping, logistics, stevedoring and related logistics projects
UN RoRo - Turkey
Iron Monarch
AMS - Melbourne
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Nakroma– Timor-Lesté
Nakroma– Timor-Lesté
CVRD - Brazil
CVRD - Brazil
Luganville - Vanuatu
Luganville - Vanuatu
Pondicherry - India
Port Moresby - PNG
Port Moresby - PNG
Maroli - India
Maroli - India
Barge Loading – Aust.
Barge Loading – Aust.